'78, '88, '98, '08, '18. Four Decades Full Of Weaving

WEBEREI HAMBURG, Bernstorffstraße 164, St.Pauli

For 2018 I am wishing you all a year of good mood, high spirit, health and courage.

As the 8 is showing up again in this year, 2018, I was reminded of
- 1978, the year when I started the weaving.
- 1988, when I finished my professional weaving education and got the award "best diploma work of young weavers in Germany".
- 1998, when I design the modern PIRK blankets. They were recognized with the major award "Bayerischer Staatspreis" in 1999.
- 2008, because of the award I got in Caracas, Venezuela, in 2006, later I got and invitation to Puerto Rico. And there I met my future wife Natalia.
And now it is 2018. Just before the new year, my life time work was recognized with the prestigious award "Justus Brinckmann Preis" in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg.

And for every year in between there are more high-lights, failures and stories to tell but this would take too long now.

Welcome in!

Anyway, I was lucky also last year, 2017.
After some long weeks in India and Ethiopia, were I was teaching Flying8 loom building and weaving, in July I was renovating my weaving workshop and celebrated 25th anniversary of running my own weaving studio.
A very good article about Esmael, the towels from the Hands of Ethiopia and me was released in the street magazine HINZ&KUNZT. The article was written by Benjamin Läufer with Fotos Dmitrij Leltschuk.

NDR Television and Radio were also reporting:
For the television report was responaseble: Georgina Fakunmoju, for the radio report it was Sven Barske.

I thank all for their very supporting work!

Please enjoy reading, listening and watching the all around Flying8.
Happy new workshop.

stand at Kunst und Handwerk Messe 2017 in the Museum for Arts and Crafts in Hamburg, 2017.

Opening ceremony at the Kunst und Handwerkmesse in the Museum for Arts and Crafts, Hamburg, 2017. Receiving the prestigious award Justus Brinckmann Preis 2017