FLYING-8 a new school of weaving

Bildung Guidelines for the FLYING8 Contemporary Loom including Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttle, and warping mill with lift system, 120€ plus shipping. Available in English or German. Order by e-mail to:

During my work in Ethiopia I found the term „counterbalance loom with 8 shafts and the flying shuttle“ too long. So I introduced the short term FLYING-8. At first this term was only used for the loom with all the desired features. Later it became synonymous for my way of weaving and the idea behind it. Hand weaving should be comfortable, quick and enjoyable. A weaver should be able to execute all steps of the weaving process alone and efficiently. Even more, it should be possible to make a living from this wonderful craft.
I started weaving when I was twelve years old. Ever since then I searched for technical improvements. From 1986 to 1988 I did a traditional weaving apprenticeship in Germany. When I started my own workshop in 1992 I realized, that I couldn’t make a living by working the way I had been taught. Throughout the next years I analysed the weaving process more closely, changed methods and developed new tools like the Lift-System and the Best-Friend.
For the last few years I have been teaching that knowledge to other weavers in many different countries but also in my workshop in Hamburg.
In 2009 I constructed theFLYING-8 WORKSHOP UNIT, a loom and all the equipment you need for weaving, what can be easily build by one person, without the use of electricity, without the need of drilling holes and without metal parts like brackets or axles.
The building instructions for the FLYING-8 contemporary loom (€ 120,- plus shipping) and the book FLYING-8 DAS WEBEN (€ 69,- plus shipping) can be ordered from me.

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