Flying-8 A New School Of Weaving

Esmael Jemal, left, and up to 5 weavers are weaving on Flying-8 loom.

During my time in Ethioppia I found the term
„countermarchloom with 8 shafts and the flyingshuttle“ too long.
So I introduced the short term FLYING-8.
At first it was only the name for the looms, which had all features that I want to have in a loom. Later it became the synonym for my way of weaving and the idea behind it: Handweaving has to be comfortable, quick and enjoyable.
A weaver should be able to work all steps of the weavingprocess alone within a good time. Even more it should be possible to make a living from this wonderful craft.
I started weaving when I was 12. Eversince I was searching for betterways of weaving. From 1986 to 1988 I got a traditional weaving education in Germany. When I started my own workshop in 1992 I realized, that I cannot make a living by the way of weaving I was tought. Through out the next years I analized the weavingprocess more closely and changed methods and developed new tools like the lift-system and the Best-Friend.
Since a 2001 years I am teaching that knowledge to other weavers in many different countries but also in my workshop in Hamburg.
In 2009 I constructed the PERSONAL-FLYING-8 WORKSHOP UNIT, a loom and all the equipment you need for weaving, what can be easily build by one person, without the use of electricity, without the need of drilling holes and without metalparts like rachets or axles.
The buildingplan for the PERSONAL-FLYING-8 WORKSHOP UNIT (in German) and the book FLYING-8 DAS WEBEN (inGerman) or The Brightway of the Flying-8 (in English) can be orderd from me.

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If you are interested in a lecture, a class, a book or a professional groupvisit to my workshop let me know,
we will work something out!

Esmael Jemal from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia was my best student and co-trainer during several trainingsessions. He has founded his own Flying-8 Weaving Workshop and is now producing excelent towels under the lable FROM THE HANDS OF ETHIOPIA. You can order them from me by e-mail or telephonecall.

In the video below you can see the complete production process.