Welcome to a weaving world!

Time is running just as fast as the flying-shuttles in the Flying-8 looms.
After another wonderful summer in Finland

Finland is an emotion.

the fashion designer Martin Morse from Los Angeles was comming to Hamburg to get some introduction of Flying-8 weaving.
Back home he started to build his own Flying-8 loom.
During the year I have sold many Building Guideline books for making the Flying-8 loom. I got very positive responses and I would like to encourage everybody who has built a Flying-8 loom so far to give me some feedback.
Since there are many weavers, especially in the US, who are interested in the Flying-8, it would be nice to link you to each other for exchanging interests and information.

Martin Morse on Flying-8.

Martin's Flying-8 loom in building process.

In August and September I have been back to Ouagadougou. All the looms we have built and the once Esmael has transformed are working for production now. With this positive result the Flying-8 looms are successfully established in Burkina Faso. My biggest hope is that some of the weavers will have the chance to make their own looms and start their own production.

The excellent weaver THÈ is weaving a tablecloth in TESORO-doubbleweave.

A few weeks ago the regional television N3, Schleswig-Holstein Magazin, has broadcasted a report about my Flying-8 weaving activities. Later the report has also been shown in Deutsche Welle TV. I had very interesting response from South-Africa, Ghana and Guatemala.

In the beginning of November I was invited by the www.weefnetwerk.nl to the weaver's day in Barneveld, NL for giving a lecture and exhibiting my weavings.
There is a vivid weaving comunity in the Netherlands.

The weaver's market in Barneveld.

Mirja Wark was presenting her Flying-8 loom, the smalest ever built.

Full house for the lecture WorldWideWeaving.

Before I will travel again to Montevideo mid December, I am looking forward to attend the Kunst und Handwerk Messe in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, 29.11.- 08.12. 2013, Monday closed, entrancefee 10,- €, open from 11:00 h.

For 2014 many more and interestings travels are planned:
Flying-8 training in Botswan, visit to Ethiopia, living workshop at the IHM München, Flying-8 consulting in Peru, Flying-8 training at Zürcher Stalder AG, Switzerland, Flying-8 workshops in Rothen, Germany, and at Golden Hand, Netherlands, Flying-8 loom building and weaving in Flnnland, (may be) Estonia, and Denmark.

I would like to inform you also about the WOLLFEST, what will take place in Hamburg at the University on the first weekend of September.

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